Pressotherapy Beauty Machine for Lymphatic Drainage - Improve Circulation, Reduce Cellulite, and Detoxify Your Body

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Wilson Mills

I love this! I've lost 8 pounds in two weeks, giving me the boost that I so desperately need to help me lose this stubborn weight again. I use my belt for about 30 minutes every night after work. I find it extremely relaxing which is exactly what I needed as a customer service manager. The vibrations don't hurt and the heat factor helps ease my menstrual pain too.

Lee Fernandez

I suffer with uterine fibroids and sometimes I get stomach cramps (mild constipation) - this machine relieved my cramps. Not to mention that I needed to fit into a skirt for a special event, so using this machine nightly for 3 weeks helped make the skirt fit more comfortably. I'd say I lost about an inch, not around my tummy, but just under my bra strap. Remember to breath when you use the belt on the faster settings.

Joann Smith

So I tried to get one and use it for a while. It doesn’t let me down . It has 4 different speed levels and the first time I use the highest speed to give me a high frequency vibrations . But that make my waist feel little itchy, I think maybe it’s the fat burning and too throng for first-time use ! Then I tried the level 3 or auto models , my feels were changed. It makes me feel more relaxed and more comfortable, no longer itchy feelings for me... I like it more and more ....

Saul Chambers

Love it!! I tried couple other slimming products before, but none of them working well for my belly. It’s a bit itchy the first time I using this device, but nothing happened after that. I am using it everyday now. My belly looks smaller!! It’s easy to use, comfortable, and I like the heat on my belly. Feels great!!

Pat Bryan

It’s been a nightmare after having a baby. Not only the sleepless, but the loose belly. Although the baby is adorable, and bring us a lot of joys, I still would like myself to be in shape. The quality is good, and the part has some weight when I put it on. The middle part makes me a little bit itchy firstly. And the vibration is kind of shocking me. But after a session finished, I felt so released. I do some abs excersice along with this belt, hope it will help me in some days future. BTW, it helped my bowel movement getting regularly. So far I don't see a no-buy expect the price, which it's worth it.