Rechargeable Heated Insoles for boots

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Geneva Hodges

These heated insoles are absolutely unbelievable. I work outside at night and no matter how many layers I use I am still freezing. A friend mentioned these and I said let me give it a try. First of all they are super comfortable, I was worried it would feel a little funny being in there, nope. They WORK, they warm up so well, it truly makes all the difference when I am out in the cold. They last my whole shift at work. They are rechargeable which is super convenient. They can be cut if they don’t fit your size ( I have small feet.) It comes with a remote control to be able to lower the settings , it does have low, medium and high so you can choose the warmth level that you are comfortable with. These were an absolute lifesaver for me!! I was referred and I will recommend for sure!!!

Karla Briggs

This is my 5th attempt at solving my biggest problem with winter cycling - cold feet. Over the past 3 years I have tried various heated insoles that don't last more than 2 hours, got buggy with the electronics, and die out after one season. Unfortunately, I have spent a small fortune and was still searching. These insoles have the highest rated battery yet and a good heating pattern embedded inside. I have ridden with them in the high 20 degrees Fahrenheit with excellent results for 3+ hours in good comfort.
A few things to consider: the sole is pretty thick and may not work in some shoes (I wear them with cycling boots, no problem). Can't speak to the longevity yet but at the price, more than one season is still golden. To fit my shoe size, I was able to cut off all the excess length which brought the heating elements much closer to my toes. This may be a factor for the great heating on my feet.

Jeanette Brown

I have been wanting heated insoles for a few years now. Finally got these and I’m kicking myself for not getting them sooner! They fit snuggly in my shoes and keep my feet warm all day! The multi heat settings and remote make it easy to adjust the temperature throughout the day! I highly recommend these insoles for those of us with cold feet. They provide plenty of adjustable heat, easily controlled by the remote. Sole thickness is pretty minimal and I have no problems fitting them in winter sport shoes. Charge time is low, be sure to allow 6-8 hours.

Clarence James

I am looking forward to the cold weather when my feet will actually be warm with these. They have 3 levels of heat , I prefer the medium level . It does a great job heating without making my feet sweat. The charging plug is very nice as well , it works great with charging them together. They are adjustable so I am able to cut them to fit in my shoes and they feel very comfortable. The remote control is nice also so you can change the heat levels while wearing them.

Danielle Cohen

My daughter plays softball and they keep my toes toasty warm!!! These things are amazing for the price great battery life. I used these for hunting season and they worked great. No issues at all. Hunted with these and they were amazing! Would recommend!