Rechargeable Heated Scarf

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Rechargeable Heated Scarf

Smart Self Heating Usb Rechargeable Heated Neck Warming Scarf

Discover how to keep your neck warm and toasty even in the lowest temperature!

It's getting cold outside, and you don't have a scarf to keep you warm. You've tried wearing a regular scarf before, but it never worked for you!

Our Heated Scarf is an innovative new way to stay warm during the cold months without sacrificing style or comfort. It's soft and comfortable and will keep you cozy all day long.

This cozy scarf has built-in heating elements that will keep you toasty warm without the hassle of traditional scarves. And because it's hands-free, you can go about your day without worrying about adjusting your scarf every few minutes. 

It's lightweight, so you can wear it with any outfit or layer it under your coat when temperatures drop. Our heated scarf is perfect for winter walks, commuting, or running errands around town. 

Here's more about why you'll love our heated scarf…

  • SKIN-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Our scarf is designed with your comfort in mind! Made of soft and gentle materials, it won't cause irritation or discomfort to your skin.
  • USB POWER SUPPLY - Conveniently powered by a USB port, this heated scarf is perfect for on-the-go use! 
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAT LEVELS - With adjustable heat levels from 35-55 degrees Celsius, you can customize the scarf to your needs.
  • UNISEX DESIGN - The unisex design makes our heated scarf perfect for both men and women. It's comfortable, stylish, and fits all body types.
  • PREVENT HEAT LOSS - The high-quality polyester fiber effectively locks the heat in and prevents heat loss GUARANTEED. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - our heated scarf is designed in a way that will keep you warm without adding bulk


  • Material: polyester fiber
  • Size: 80×10cm 
  • Rated voltage: 5V
  • Rated power: 8W
  • Charging method: USB charging
  • adjustable: high, middle, and low 


  • 1 x heated scarf
  • 1 x USB cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Ana Adams

I am so surprised that this thing has lasted so long. I have used it for a couple of years and nearly every night. I have neck problems and the heat helps the muscles to relax. I have also used in other small areas. The battery charge lasts a long time and you can use the battery pack for other items. I noticed that some others have had issues but I haven't had any issues and totally love this product.

Mark Owens

This is wonderful. It comes with a heavy duty electric pack which does have to be charged often and long, so I suggest if you need this a lot, get two elements, however, it works on the neck like nothing else I've ever tried. my muscle spasms are legendary... can last up to 3 months due to an auto immune disorder. I can't live with out this.

May Daniel

After struggling with a regular corded electric heating pad to use on my neck at night -- folding it in half and trying to keep the cord out of my way, I searched for something better.

I am very happy with this tumbling dices heating pad/scarf. It is made with soft, comfortable material, perfectly sized for my neck. Also there is a 'slot' of material on the back (see picture) to pull the back end through. This holds the pad on your neck effectively but gently so there is no chance of it becoming too tight around your neck, nor falling off.

The power bank seems to be good quality, yet small and light enough to not be burdensome. I can use the pad about four times before having to recharge it. It is easy to charge and takes about 3 1/2 hours to charge from depleted.

I like the three heat settings and the ease of changing them (High - red, Medium - white, Low - blue). The heating area is a generous section of the scarf at the back of your neck.

I searched far and wide for a cordless heating pad for the neck area only, that was affordable, but quality. This is it. Living in south Texas, the climate doesn't warrant winter clothing, but I can easily see this pad being used outdoors as a neck scarf/warmer in the colder winters.

Minnie Mack

When this product first comes to the market, I receive a test item. I have used it for coupke of years now. It is still good as the first day. Now, I am confident to buy two more scarves from tumbling dices. The new version of battery is smaller and lighter than my test item. The test item has been with me travelling to many cold places. tumbling dices is a good customer service as well.

Colin Garner

Heats up well. I was excited. I used it for an hour on medium and low and today the thing would turn on immaculately.