Sentry Safe Fire-Safe Electronic Lock Business Safes


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Alan Nelson

I like that this safe is actually rated as fireproof, not just "fire resistant" or "made from fireproof materials" as several of the others on the market. The fact that it is also waterproof is also a plus. This safe is a solid sturdy safe. The digital combination makes it easy to use. I shopped around a lot (online) before I settled on this one. I am not disappointed

Max Long

The arrived with no damage. The instructions that come with it are concise and accurate. Opening the first time was easy if you follow these instructions. It is very well-made and heavy (as a safe should be). The interior light is very helpful and it's duration is programable. This model includes a locking box inside the safe which is great to store smaller items.

Aaron Wood

Been looking for a new safe. GREAT product. Very well described. Directions were very easy to understand. Love the light on the inside. Has a locked box inside to take out if need be. Highly recommend.

John Moore

We looked and looked for a safe that had a file drawer for paper files and this was just about the only one we found. In our old safe, we stacked manila envelopes containing important papers, and it seemed silly to have to take nearly everything out of the safe just to get to the envelope holding the document we wanted. This one solves that problem. The file drawer isn't huge, of course, but easily holds all our really important documents. We use the shallow door for keeping our "petty cash" secure. We also like the way the combinations work. While the factory combination will always open the safe, we can set combinations that are easier to remember or even create a 'temporary' code to give someone else limited time access. Nice design. We have no idea about how waterproof it is, thank goodness

Howard Young

I moved and was no longer able to get a safe deposit box at my bank’s branch. I bought this safe to take care of my personal papers, etc. I think it’s a great value for the money. Lots of room and all my stuff for. Easy to program too. Buying this wasn’t too much more than paying for my safe deposit box at the bank.