Snow Chains For Car Tires

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Becky Black

These snow chains were pretty easy to install however having a hook-like tool would have made life so much easier when trying to grab it from behind the tire. Unless you get really low to the ground to reach thus making you a bit dirty. I'm a mother of three and I took my kids to Big Bear to snowboard. We had to put on snow chains up there and I put it on all by myself. I was so proud that I didn't need help while seeing all these cars getting help by those guys who charge them to install. Lol.

Loren Simpson

Practice putting them on a couple times because the order of steps matters. Look for the metal clips that say something like tire side because manual says look for the rounded side but I never could figure that out. Taking them off I’m still not sure if I have it down. Basically unhook them and go forward or reverse till you clear and then pick off the ground. I went up some steep icy roads with steady slow throttle and they held fine. Too much gas and I could sense good grip and a little slip. I’ve only used them for theee days, town and freeway, so far so good.

Laurence Rogers

The pair of snow chains worked well for me during a winter trip to a ski place. It does help a lot with traction, and I could tell that when climbing snow covered ramps.

Rachael Casey

They seem to be quite durable. I'm happy with the purchase and would recommend.

Allan Davidson

The build quality of the chain set seems very good. I inspected the joints and can find none that seem likely to fail. Overall they seem solid and (relatively) light weight at about 11 pounds for the set.