Submersible Water Sump Pump ideal for Dirty Swim Pool , Pond and Floods

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Riya Compton

This product worked exactly the way I desperately needed it to! After buying a new house with a pool that had been practically abandoned for a few years, we were desperate to drain it. I tried the old fashioned siphon method and after a few days of painfully slow and meager success until it stopped working, I finally bought this pump. It worked so fast and effectively.

Richard Peterson

My apartment's patio drains poorly so I put this out to help with the situation. I tried the automatic one first but that one didn't actually ever switch itself on. So I got the one here that automatically turns on when you plug it in and put it on a smart plug. Once I enable the plug, the pump runs for 3-4 minutes once an hour. It works like a charm, gets rid of all the water, and then the plug switches it off so it doesn't burn out. Very, very helpful!

Rory Peck

Due to spring run off & ground not being properly graded. Water sets under my modular all spring until summer heat dries it out. Almost 5 inches of water under 50ft house, this pump by Tumbling dices pumped out the water in about 4 1/2 hours. Very happy with this product!

Cory Oneill

The suction power is amazing.

And it is a quiet pump! It is a windy day here, I turned it on, then I had to walk around the house to check the end of the hose to make sure it was fully working because it was so quiet.

I have been battling this ever-growing pond all week with two separate pumps. One from flotec and an Ace Hardware brand. They were junk in comparison.

Haven Garcia

This is a Very Nice Pump. It's not an auto-start pump or a circulating pump for ponds and such, but if you need to move liquid from One Place To Another with a very easy to size device, this pump is for you. I use this for general use, including flushing water heaters, draining basins, and washing things. The base of this pump fits _exactly_ inside a 5-gallon bucket, meaning anywhere you can insert a bucket, you can make an easy sump. The design of the pump means it self-filters, and won't suck in leaves and debris due to the way it fits, assuming you use a flat-bottom thing (like a bucket) to make it fit.