The Premium Massage Chair With Heated Back Neck Cushion


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John Clements

The Premium Massage Chair With Heated Back Neck Cushion

Deanna williams
Heat and Massage Chair

I bought this for my husband and he loves it. Thank you for such a high quality product.

Hi, thats great to hear. These are very y popular and always great to ge some postive feedback. Much appreciated

Ira West

I love this massager! It is fully adjustable so the headrest can work my scalp, neck, shoulders and in between my shoulder blades. The hip back will then adjust to meet the headrest setting. By moving the headrest up or down I can hit all areas of my back. The heat is a nice addition to help your muscles relax. I have mine strapped to my office chair and use it almost daily while I work out of my home office. I would highly recommend.

Cora Campbell

This has been great for my husband’s scoliosis. He uses it before he gets on his Teeter hang up. No he doesn’t hang upside down like a bat, just a 30% decline to lengthen out, straighten and decompress his spine. This back massager warms up and loosens his muscles perfectly before starting the decline on the Teeter hang up. This combination has reduced the frequency at which he needs to go to the chiropractor.

Ora Wood

We really enjoyed using our massager but unfortunately after 3 months of use it suddenly quit working. I contacted Tumbling dices explained the problem & within 1 day I heard back from their customer Service. It has a 1 year guarantee so I felt confident about returning it but sometimes it's a hassle. Tumbling dices Inc. assured me that they backed their products 100% and I would be receiving a new massager as soon as they received my mailing address. I submitted the information they required & within 24 hours received confirmation that the new one was being shipped out with a postage paid label so I could return my non working one.
Never have I every encountered such prompt, courteous acknowledgement from an online company. A pleasure to deal with Tumbling dices.