The Premium Massage Chair With Heated Back Neck Cushion

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The Premium Massage Chair Pad With Heated Back Neck Cushion

A massage chair Pad that is here to give you masseuse-level quality in your own home

With temperatures decreasing and back discomfort becoming more common, we must take care of our bodies since they take care of us. When we carry stress in our backs, necks, or shoulders, it weighs us down throughout the day, but you deserve more! Your body should be agile and comfortable so that you may always be the finest version of yourself.

back massager

Do you wish to have a spa-like experience? You can now have one wherever you are. The Portable Massage Chair can compress, roll out, knead, and vibrate your body's hard knots and tension. Furthermore, with some extra heat, your back, neck, and shoulders will entirely relax into their new seat.

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  • This lightweight chair makes it easy for you to move around, so you can use it anywhere.
  • The ergonomic design makes this chair the most convenient and easy to use the massager for any space.
  • Even if you are struggling to sit up straight, you can place this chair flat on the floor, so you can lie down and get that perfect massage.
  • It comes with an AC/DC adapter, which means you can enjoy the relaxation and benefits of this massage chair anywhere. It can be used in a car, home, or the office.
  • Customization is available with this chair because you can choose the settings that are right for you
  • The added heat is essential, whether it is summer or winter - heat can help loosen up your tight muscles so you can relax

8 Options for You:

chair massage pad

With eight massage options available to you, the need for a masseuse is no more. Use the vibration options to get at those hard-to-reach places, so your body is relaxed immediately.

Safety Is Key:

massage chair pad

Don’t worry about your new Portable Massage Chair overheating because the automatic 15-minute timer ensures that it is safe at all times.


  • Item Type: Massager Cushion
  • Material: Polyester Cloth + Sponge
  • Power Plug: US Plug
  • Input Voltage: AC 110-230V
  • Output Voltage: DC12V
  • Power: 12W
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Flat Size: Approx. 112 x 49cm / 44.1 x 19.3in
  • Weight: Approx. 962-995

Using Method:

  • After energizing, press the power button (ON / OFF) to start working.
  • Press "Function", select 1-8 kinds of massage, you can cycle to switch.
  • Press "Timer", select 15 minutes or 30 minutes of working time, and it will shutdown automatically.
  • Press"Intensity", third massage strength can be adjustable.
  • Press "Heat", heating indicator light is on, quick to heat.

Package Included:

  • 1* Massage Pad
  • 1* Manual
  • 1* US plug
  • 1* Car Adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Deanna williams
Heat and Massage Chair

I bought this for my husband and he loves it. Thank you for such a high quality product.

Hi, thats great to hear. These are very y popular and always great to ge some postive feedback. Much appreciated

Ira West

I love this massager! It is fully adjustable so the headrest can work my scalp, neck, shoulders and in between my shoulder blades. The hip back will then adjust to meet the headrest setting. By moving the headrest up or down I can hit all areas of my back. The heat is a nice addition to help your muscles relax. I have mine strapped to my office chair and use it almost daily while I work out of my home office. I would highly recommend.

Cora Campbell

This has been great for my husband’s scoliosis. He uses it before he gets on his Teeter hang up. No he doesn’t hang upside down like a bat, just a 30% decline to lengthen out, straighten and decompress his spine. This back massager warms up and loosens his muscles perfectly before starting the decline on the Teeter hang up. This combination has reduced the frequency at which he needs to go to the chiropractor.

Ora Wood

We really enjoyed using our massager but unfortunately after 3 months of use it suddenly quit working. I contacted Tumbling dices explained the problem & within 1 day I heard back from their customer Service. It has a 1 year guarantee so I felt confident about returning it but sometimes it's a hassle. Tumbling dices Inc. assured me that they backed their products 100% and I would be receiving a new massager as soon as they received my mailing address. I submitted the information they required & within 24 hours received confirmation that the new one was being shipped out with a postage paid label so I could return my non working one.
Never have I every encountered such prompt, courteous acknowledgement from an online company. A pleasure to deal with Tumbling dices.

Clifton Roy

This thing is awesome. All members of my family make their way onto the chair and have to take turns at the end of the day so everyone can relax with it. It’s great for knots and I like it for lower back pain relief. The seat vibration is a little silly, I’m not sure what that is supposed to do but everything else is great. Highly recommend!