Twin Pen Sandblaster Double Pen Sand Blaster Machine For Dental Lab 2 Tanks Lamp

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Twin Pen Sandblaster Double Pen Sand Blaster Machine For Dental Lab 2 Tanks Lamp

Sandblast Dental Laboratory

This Sandblaster Dental Laboratory is a necessary dental device that can successfully polish the surface of a porcelain crown. Twin pens can be used to process materials of different hardness and improve productivity. The advantages of this machine are strong sandblasting performance, smooth and accurate operation, and easy repair.

Premium material

  • Improved lighting
  • High efficiency
  • Easy operation
  • Wide range of applications
  • Robust equipment and tools, low cost

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  • PREMIUM MATERIAL- We adopted metal storage for sand rather than a plastic one. The cause lies in that metal has a great resistance to corrosion and rust, which makes this sandblaster machine extremely easy to clean and maintain. Meanwhile, a large window was tailored to enhance security.
  • UPGRADED LIGHTING- Compared with the general light bulb, the upgraded LED light applied to our micro sandblasting is more evenly cast, and the technicians can successfully get through the work even at night.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY- Our dental sandblaster with two pens is capable of polishing materials of different hardness under a quick yet whisper-quiet condition, thereby improving productivity.
  • EFFORTLESS OPERATION- The ample operating space with a transverse diameter of 16.9'' made great contributions to easy operation. Moreover, the sandblaster comes with a foot pedal which helps you control the machine more effortlessly.
  • WIDE APPLICATION- Designed for scientific safety and used to polish the surface of porcelain crowns, jewelry, cultural relics, etc. The fine blasting machine is a must-buy for dentists.


Voltage 110V/60HZ±10%
Power <50W(lamp 25W)
Working Pressure 4 kg
Dust Tank 2 Tank
Light System Fluorescent Lamp
Nozzle Materials Carbide/Ceramic
Nozzle 1.2 mm
Particle Size 120μm/50μm
Weight 36 lbs (17 kg)

14.96" x 16.34" x 11.42" / 38 x 41.5 x 29 cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Tiffany Warner

Amazing, only have to read very well the instructions and then have a good air pressure and the machine works perfectly

Luke Woods

I bought it for removing cements from ortho brackets and it works well. Reservoirs are metal so I cannot see the powder level but minor issues.

Bobby Chavez

Ideal,great for sand blasting crowns!

Georgia Klein

Good quality

Lewis Mccarthy

2 nozzles, and easy operations.