Under Desk Pedal Bike With Digital Display

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Under Desk Pedal Bike With Digital Display

Leg And Arm Exerciser: This little pedal bike exerciser can be used to cycle both the arms and the legs. Exercise at the workplace or at home to improve circulation and decrease stress. The pedal motion is silent and smooth. Exercise while talking on the phone, watching television, or working.

Compact And Portable: Because of its compact design, it is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for storing under a desk or in a small constrained place. For increased comfort and safety, each pedal has a nonslip surface, sculpted finger grips, and adjustable toe loops. Rubber anti-scuff feet protect your floor from damage. It may be utilised for leg workouts on the floor as well as arm exercises on a desk.

Adjustable Resistance: To customise your aerobic workout, simply rotate the tension knob as shown in the picture below. It is ideal for rehabilitation after surgery or injury. If you're retired and find yourself not being as active as you once were, this is a terrific way to exercise your legs and arms at home.

LCD Monitor: The time, distance, count (number of turns), total count, and calories burnt are displayed on the multifunction LCD monitor display, which is easy to read. The LCD monitor display is simple to operate; simply push the red button to swap data or reset the data to zero.

Built Sturdy And Durable For Long Term Use: With the well-built enforced steel frame, allows it to handle up to 220 pounds. Its 5 pounds steel flywheel inside, makes it a good cardio exercise for arms and legs.

Great cardiovascular exercise!

This pedal exerciser helps you get a high-quality, low-impact workout while watching TV, reading a book at home, or working at the office.
This machine will strengthen and tone your legs, and arms, and also stimulate your blood circulation while also providing you with a great cardiovascular workout.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Hughes

I love this & have recommended it to friends. I’ve ordered them for some of my friends. I love the flexibility if it too because I can easily move it to my garage if I am having guests.

Rose Martin

A very inexpensive alternative to get some daily exercise. It gets your blood flowing and can burn some calories and depending on your physical make-up you can work up a moderaate sweat. Give it a try. Very easy to assemble. Reasonably Priced.

Christopher Ramirez

The mini bicycle was really easy to put together. My 6 year old granddaughter and I put it together in about 20 minutes. The bicycle is easy to operate and has several different resistance settings. I have had 6 back surgeries and both my hips operated on and I needed an easy way to get some exercise. Thank You!

Stephanie Mitchell

I bought this low impact Mini bike the same day I got discharged from hospital. I was hospitalized for 3 weeks, my legs could barely hold me up and I needed the exercise. After 2 weeks of eating better and staying at home, I started to use it while sitting on my couch for 5 minutes. Few days after I was already doing 30 minutes. Slowly you can adjust the difficulty and I know that soon I'm going to recover my full strength.
The pedal straps are great, the digital display is easy to read and it's very easy to assemble.
I love it!!

Brian Howard

… this is really nice for the price and works well for what I needed it for. Good quality and easily folds up for storage. It may not provide a hard core resistance cardio workout but it definitely keeps me moving when I’m sitting for extended periods of time. So far so good and I use it regularly!