Viparspectra XS2000 LED Grow Light


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Customer Reviews

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Joan Henderson

Best LED light hands down. The 301b diodes is what you want for flowering. This is bright and dimmable. Sturdy and built well.

Louise Griffin

I've used ViparSpectra for aquariums and had great success, so when it came time to get lights for my grow tent they were my first choice.

Heather Jackson

The xs2000 light is excellent. It is perfectly quiet and extremely bright and well built. I had been using Viparspectra's 600w burple light with great success and decided to try this new product. I'm now in week eight flower and my buds have never been so resinous and stinky.

Steve Green

Something that is difficult when you are a new grower is finding that right light that hits your plants with the right level of coverage for your tent size. There are so many! How do I ensure I don’t get a meh one that gives me bad yields?Well if you have a 3x3 tent I can tell you this light is an absolute great fit.

Sean Nelson

This light is solid, meets all of its specifications and has worked silently since I bought it. The dimmer operates smoothly and the provided ratchet straps let me dial in the height. I have two - both will end up in the same tent but now I have one in a 2x2 and another in a hacked together pen of foamcore board. Both are working well and don’t even get very warm to the touch when set to maximum intensity