Wall Mounted Electric Heater

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Donald Chavez

. It’s designed to heat a person directly. It does a great job of producing a lot of heat on your body if it’s pointed at you. If you’re off to the side, you probably won’t feel much. I use it on my deck pointed at the outdoor couch and it makes for a very toasty situation when I’m sitting on the couch. It was also super easy to install. I fortunately have an outdoor power outlet right near where I wanted to put it so it looks clean and inconspicuous. I love it, and I hope this helps.

Forrest Lyons

Well made, straight forward install with options on how you hang it, remote control with three heat levels is very convenient. Heat output at 1500w is somewhat less than I expected. I installed in a 12'x14' gazebo on the pool deck - heat would not project all the way across the 14' side, had to reinstall closer to where the majority of seating occurs and aim the heating head at a more downward angle. In this manner it does take the chill out of the air, but this is Florida, so I think you would need a higher output unit or multiple units in colder climates - I would install a second unit if I could get it at the same price!

Jack Maldonado

I have only had it for a couple of days, but I left it on all night expecting to come into a nice warm shop. It wasn’t terrible. I will have to insulate better and see how it works in the future.

Lois Garcia

Puts out heat.
- Mounts out of the way.

Christopher Manning

- Easy to install
- Remote control works fine