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Wireless Electric Dog Fence

When your passion is animals, particularly dogs, or outdoor activities, you'll be concerned about their safety. This waterproof wireless dog fence is the ideal answer for keeping your dogs secure in the yard without limiting their independence.


Millions of dogs are killed on the roads each year because cars simply don't see them.

1- keep your pets safe without restricting their freedom: our Wireless electric dog fence is the ultimate solution for you! Now let your pets play in the yard without any worry about their safety!
2- Super Affordable: Don't worry about putting a fence up! Get the highest quality waterproof electric dog training collar without breaking the bank. Our Invisible dog fence Training System can teach your pet for a much lower price.

3- Works everywhere - Transmitter and collar are both rechargeables. You can easily take the wireless fence system along on a weekend trip and use it in an unfamiliar location for your pet.   


Smart Training System: When the dog approaches the signal boundary, the wireless electric dog collar fence vibrates to alert the dog to return to a safe region. If the dog continues to ignore the transmitter, an electric shock will be delivered by the collar. If the dog continues, the vibration and electric shocks will be repeated. Your dog will quickly figure out how far it can wander.

Completely Wireless System with a Super Large Controllable Range: Using the transmitter as the focal point, the largest remote-control semi-circle diameter is 500 metres. The transmitter's signal intensity can be regulated from 0 to 100 levels, and the receiver's distance should be between 20 and 500 metres.

OFF-LEASH TRAINING: It only takes two weeks to teach your dog the acceptable distance. This wireless electric dog fence is ideal for difficult-to-train pets. The wireless shock collar fence works by giving moderate static correction through two contact points on your pet's neck.

Durable and suitable for most dog sizes: Suitable for pets of all sizes and gated or unfenced yards. Because the collar is adjustable, it may be customized to fit your pet perfectly.

A risk-free method of dog training: This Wireless Dog Fence is safe for your pet. The electric dog fence's static correction is gentle and entirely customizable. You can train swiftly and gently with five different degrees of correction.

Pet fence system with dual functionality: LED display, wireless pet fence, and sound vibration shock training with remote control


The electric pet invisible Dog fence system is one of the most reliable and safest wireless fences.

Wireless Invisible Fence For Dogs

Wireless Invisible Fence For Dogs

  • Plan Your Layout 
  • Install and Test your system
  • Lace the collar on your dogs and find the right stimulation level.
  • Train your dog in short sessions during the next two weeks.

Wireless Invisible Fence For Dogs

Wireless Invisible Fence For Dogs


  • 1 x Transmitter (Built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
  • 1/2/3 x Collar Receiver (Built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
  • 1/2/3 x Test Light Tool
  • 4 x Screws
  • 1 x User's Manual English)
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1/2/3 x Strap
  • 4/8/12 x Metal Probes
  • 20 x Flag   

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Alice Stewart

The BEST decision we've made for our dog. He loves running out on to the street and we've tried everything to get him to stay inside. A traditional fence was very costly for us so we decided to go with a wireless fence. My friend told me about the dog fence he bought from here and how good it was. He was not wrong at all, the quality of their fences are very high and works very well. Within 2 hours we were able to get it up and running. I've had no issues with it ever since. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a fence for their dogs!

Steven Young

This is how I keep my dogs out of my bedroom. It works quite well. My dog stopped entering my bedroom after three days.

Evelyn Sanchez

I LOVE this system! It was very easy to use and works very well. I was worried about my dog running onto the street but after using this, I'm able to let him out and let him enjoy his freedom without worrying about his safety!

Andrew Ross

GREAT containment system for my dogs!! I love all of the features it has to train my dogs to stay in our yard. The shipping was pretty quick and came with everything I needed to get started. The setup is fairly quick and works perfectly!

Adam Lopez

Best thing I’ve ever bought my dog. Saves afford of trying to hurry the cable. I started using this on my Lab when he was about 5 months old. He is not 8 months and I don’t even put the collar on anymore, he knows his boundaries. He just watches people and their dogs walk by. Very good training tool. We’ve had to put it on once or twice as a reminder but so amazing. Definetly worth the money. Buy extra batteries, they last about 2-3 months