Yaheetech 8-Panel Dog Exercise Pen

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Yaheetech 8-Panel Dog Exercise Pen


The Yaheetech 8-Panel Dog Exercise Pen provides a safe environment for your furry friend to play. This sturdy playpen is a great location for your dog—or even your duck or bunny friend—to stretch his legs and have some fun. It has eight panels that may be arranged in a variety of shapes to fit your needs, including rectangles, octagons, and squares. The simple design requires no equipment to assemble, and you can even join many playpens together to create a vast area for your favorite sidekick to run about in. It's the ideal method to allow your pal to get a bit "rough and tumble" without feeling guilty!

Key Features:

This sturdy playpen provides a terrific location for your pet to exercise and play.
There are eight panels in all, each of which can be configured in a variety of ways.
It comes in a variety of shapes, including squares, octagons, and rectangles.
Several playpens can be linked together to provide your pet with a wider play area.
No tools are required to set up the easy-to-install design.


Customer Reviews

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Aaron Young

What I love about this pen, is:
1) It folds down to a compact size and can be stored just about anywhere
2) It is very well made
3) You will received clips and stakes to tie down
4) Sturdy and not flimsy at all when fully upright
5) Perfect for our bunnies
6) Super easy to set up

Marjorie Alexander

I love this!!! I put it around my Christmas tree so my dogs can't mess with it!!!!

Hazel Abbott

Crazy bunny mom checking in here! After much deliberation, we decided to expand our bunnies play area for when we are out of the house. She is a bigger bunny but not much of a jumper. If you do have a jumper (of any animal) I'd recommend a little more height. The fencing material is of nice quality and the size/height is just perfect for us

Don Peters

I have it placed in a corner of my house so she has some more space to play! Also it is a great deal!

Jerome Lowe

We have used this for traveling while staying at our son's house. We also have kept it in our living room and put her carpet on it so that she is contained when we are leaving for awhile, or have company over for dinner. As she has gotten older, it is nice to still have for her to be inside rather than outside when it is hot or rainy outside and we are leaving for a bit and she isn't ready to be trusted to have the run of the house. She enjoys being in there with her toys fine and it is so much better than crating her.