735 W 1.0 HP Air Blower Pump Fan for Inflatable Bounce House

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Madisyn Underwood

So we got this for my son's bday party. I have to admit the size was not really what I expected I thought it would be bigger than it was anticipated. The kids still had fun but...it flipped twice during playtime. The water tubing isn't all that great either. Overall still would have bought this without second guessing. But I wish it was bigger and a little more spacious for the kids.

Gavyn Bender

I just want to say that i am very happy with this product. It makes my kids very happy. They love it and can play with it for hours. The quality is good, it’s thick, looks nice and safe. It’s so convenient ‘cause it comes with air blower. The air blower is strong so it taked only few minutes for the water slide to be inflated. The only thing is that the manual is not clear so i had a hard time at first to find a place to connect the waterslide to the air blower.

Priscilla Rivera

I selected this one for the max weight, height, and durability ratings. The boy is older but under the 12yr rating, 115lbs, 5ft. The girl is almost 59in and 60lbs. They played on this wet and dry and it supported their weight fine so far.

Adelyn Mayo

Don’t hesitate, just buy it. My kids are obsessed, it’s easy to set up, provides hours of entertainment for them and peace for us. We’ve used it twice in a matter of three days, once without water and once with. Fun regardless of whether the water is involved. My husband and I can get stuff done without having to entertain our children 24/7 with a new activity every 5 minutes. My 6 year old can be a rough player and it really seems like it will hold up to her use/abuse. I’m thoroughly pleased with myself for making this purchase - even happier that my kids are enjoying it.

Deven Brennan

I gave it to my son as a birthday present and he was very happy to get the inflatable slide. And can't wait to invite his friends to play. This slide is the perfect size for my backyard. It's just the right size. And its workmanship is very fine, will not leak air. It's perfect.