New Professional Band Eb Alto Sax Saxophone Paint Gold w/ Case & Accessories

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Ayanna Barnett

I have a Bachelor's Degree in music (saxophone specifically) and regularly teach private lessons. I happily recommend this saxophone to my younger students whose parents haven't been able to justify buying their child a saxophone of their own.

Jamarcus Henderson

The thinness of the cork on the neck makes me think that eventually the cork on the neck will have to be replaced because over time the cork smooshes down and I think you'll have to keep pushing it on farther and farther to get it to play in tune, but that is a cheap fix. I really don't know how it would hold up to everyday play for a student, but right now I'm very happy with this purchase.

Maximus Golden

Who I believe this instrument is for:
-Professional to intermediate players of all ages who need something that just plain works, is reliable, and don't mind a few cosmetic blemishes.
-Performing artists who want something inexpensive to gig with so they don't expose their high end instruments to the elements, risk of damage, or theft.

Kathy Stanton

I bought this as my first alto saxophone coming from learning on the tenor version by the same company. The reason why I chose to go with the Tumbling Dices instead of other student saxophones is because of my customer service experiences when addressing issues with my tenor - I honestly don't believe any other musical instrument company on the planet puts that much effort into taking care of customers who have already given them their money.

Zane Chavez

My Trainer noticed right away was that the reed I was using wasn't even for saxophones. He said it was a clarinet reed. Looking at his sax, the reed he was using was much wider than mine, and after he gave me a free reed to play with, the noise I was making was immediate and sounded great. What a difference the correct reed makes!