Premium queen air mattress with built in pump and headboard

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Cheryl Park

This was better than expected. It’s bigger than I expected- with the head board and all. Takes sometime to deflate and fold up , but nice quality. Comes with carrying storage bag.

There is a space between the headboard too- so you can tuck sheets / better in.

Marie Caldwell

I purchased this to accommodate family members from out of town when there was a sudden death in our family. Quite a few airbeds everywhere but we were all able to be together and that is what mattered at that time.
We inflated them every night and deflated them during the day. They held up to the kids rough-housing on them and I was told they were very comfortable to sleep on. Highly recommend.

Ellen Goodman

We purchased this for a family vacation. It was super easy to inflate/deflate. It stayed aired for the entire 7 day stay without having to add more air. The headboard really adds a nice level of comfort and support for the pillows. For what I paid, I am extremely pleased with this air mattress.

Kara Mcguire

We bought this for our guests - it worked well. Stayed inflated for about week with daily kids abuse. We added more air after about a week. Inflated in about 4-5 mins. Deflated pretty fast too for this large’s not soft it is actually firm, which I like. My kids didn’t like sleeping on it with just a sheet, but after putting a thick comforter on top - they liked it. Overall our guests were ok sleeping on it a week.The “headboard” adds about 18 inches to the overall mattress length when inflated. Headboard was the main reason we chose this mattress over regular inflatable mattresses - we love it. With added couple of pillows you can sit and read and makes it feel more like a bed.Sheets - you will want to use king size fitted sheets for the queen size mattress or just a flat sheet, as the mattress is tall when inflated. And even king size didn’t go all the way to the floor and under the mattress. However I don’t think it’s a problem as the top of the mattress is none slid and sheet does not move.I also used a smaller flat sheet to cover the “headboard” to make it more comfortable.

Maureen Moore

So far so good!I’ve been sleeping on this air mattress for 5 nights and is really comfortable. I hope it lasts for years!