Premium 2 in 1 Electric Towel Warmer Salon Or Home Use

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Premium 2 in 1 Electric Towel Warmer Salon Or Home Use

For the comfort of any spa, massage therapist, salon, barber, or house in general, hot towels are a need. Towels may now be heated and sterilized to make them clean and usable.

To ensure that neither your clients nor your family ever use a filthy towel, an innovative integrated UV lighting system successfully disinfects old and unclean towels.

The towel warmer is easy to keep anyplace in your house because to its small size. Even the bottom tray is detachable, and it serves to catch any condensation-related moisture.


  • Salon quality heated towels: If you've ever wondered how salons and spas always have perfectly warm towels, now you know! 
  • Towels are sterilized till they are germ-free. With the help of an inventive UV illumination system, bacteria on unclean towels are completely eliminated.
  • Convenient size you can carry anywhere – The towel warmer's small size enables you to store it wherever in your house, spa, barbershop, or salon.
  • No mess from leaky water since all condensation and water that drops to the bottom is simply collected by a detachable bottom tray.


Excellent Capacity - 23L

This hot towel cabinet can accommodate up to 50–60 pieces of towels that are standard size. With this towel warmer, you can reduce energy use and save space.

Compact And Sleek Design 

This towel warmer fits well on a desktop and has a small, elegant appearance. It is also very simple to store and move. Design using a hue that is neutral and works well with most decors.

Build-in Lighting 

It has illumination and a hot towel warmer to maintain a temperature of roughly 70 degrees Celsius inside. You can easily maintain your towels in pristine shape, and you'll adore the calming effect of a warm towel.



  • Material: ABS plastic and stainless steel
  • Capacity: 23L, Up to 40 towels at once (Depending on towel size)
  • Towel type: Both traditional and disposable towels
  • Towel basket to easily & orderly store towels
  • Great for both commercial and family use
  • No assembly required Door: 1 door, swing door open from left to right
  • Power: 200 watts
  • Voltage: 110 V
  • Approx. Dimensions: 17.7"(W) x 11.4"(D) x 13.8"(D)






Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Andrew Moreno

I am an Aesthetician and needed a new towel warmer to aid in my facial treatments. I use wet towels and am very happy with this warmer. I would buy again if it has a long life. I ordered one from another company and it only lasted about 2 to 3 years. I expect these cabinets to last longer than that since I only use it two to three days a week. I have another towel warmer at my other business location and it has been working for at least seven years. I had purchased it from an Aesthetician conference and cannot find the manufacturer; so I have hope for this one.

Justin Rowe

This towel warming unit works great! The moist wash cloths are super hot and great for facials and heating stiff joints. The UV light goes off when the door is opened. The first night I left the warmer on all night and now I see that I’m supposed to empty the unused towels and turn off each night. Will do. It’s being used in my home for personal facials, stiff joints, neck wraps and hand cleaning. Makes makeup removal so much nicer! Infused my wash cloths with lavender.... oh so soothing before bedtime. Zzzzzzzzzz

Roxanne Maldonado

A make do for use during corona virus days. I guess you could use it for mail to. Well made, insulation is good. I do not believe this gets overly hot where it will destroy plastic or elastic mask stretch loops.

Nora Cooper

Very pleased, arrived on time, packaged very well. Turns on, and UV is on and working. Most important to me that it's CE certified. It's hard making a decision to buy an electrical device that's made in the USA when I don't know if it's been UL/CE certified. I just hate returning things. But I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Dianna Scott

I love this towel warmer! I’m a LMT and just started my own business. I’ve used other hot towel warmers in the past but they haven’t warmed towels as quickly as this one. I can fit 8 towels comfortably or 16 towels snugly. They keep the towels so warm, but not too hot. I also use this to warm my stones and it does a great job at that as well. It fits perfectly onto my shelf, so it’s not too big or small. I also love utilizing the sanitization setting at the end of the day. 10/10 would recommend purchasing.